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World History Volume 1, to 1500

Check Your Understanding Questions

World History Volume 1, to 1500Check Your Understanding Questions

Check Your Understanding Questions

1 .
Why did the Yuan leaders select China as the center of their empire?
2 .
Why did England and France engage in the series of conflicts known as the Hundred Years’ War?
3 .
What events weakened the power of the papacy in western Europe in the fourteenth century?
4 .
What types of methods have historical climatologists used to learn about the history of climate change?
5 .
What are some key differences between fourteenth-century and modern travel patterns?
6 .
How were different regions affected by the climate changes of the Little Ice Age?
7 .
What role did trade and commercial networks play in the spread of the bubonic plague?
8 .
How did responses to the plague differ in Christian Europe and the Muslim Middle East?
9 .
What conditions made populations more vulnerable to infectious disease?
10 .
How did the social structures and hierarchies that defined much of western medieval Europe shift in the aftermath of the Black Death?
11 .
How did the calamities of the fourteenth century affect religious life in Afro-Eurasia?
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