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World History Volume 1, to 1500

Check Your Understanding Questions

World History Volume 1, to 1500Check Your Understanding Questions

Check Your Understanding Questions

1 .
What were the chief weaknesses of the Carolingian Empire?
2 .
Under what circumstances did peoples of different ethnic or cultural background encounter each other in the early Middle Ages?
3 .
In what ways was the Caliphate of Cordoba different from Germanic kingdoms?
4 .
What were the causes of the devolution of Abbasid power?
5 .
Why did the Seljuks assume the title of sultan rather than caliph?
6 .
What caused the Byzantine Empire to seek aid from the Christian West?
7 .
What differences between the eastern and western Christian churches in the eleventh century led to the Great Schism?
8 .
What motivations did western Christians have for leaving their homes and participating in the Crusades?
9 .
Why was Jerusalem so important to Jewish people, Christians, and Muslims in the medieval period?
10 .
Why did many eastern Christians and Jewish people not welcome the arrival of the crusaders into the Holy Land?
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