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Practice Exercises

16 .
If you were working on the content for Happy Tails WC, what kind of content would you need to get started? What information would you include on a website versus on social media?
17 .
Think about an organization you are involved with or perhaps where you work. What tools would you use to promote the organization or business? Are there specific social media platforms that can be utilized? What functionality would you want to have with the website?
18 .
Choose a case study from HubSpot and reflect on how a company can use a CMS to increase its conversion rate. See HubSpot’s Case Studies Directory.
19 .
As a consultant, you are approached by a small venture that wants to know which type of CMS they should use for their nonprofit, which promotes awareness of recycling in the community. They have about ten employees, one of whom is responsible for adding and managing content about the company’s mission. Write an email responding to the client about which CMS you suggest and why.
20 .
An eco-friendly blogger has hired you to develop and design their website using WordPress. You are tasked with selecting an appropriate theme and adding content to the home page based on the blogger’s needs, as described. Browse the themes and select an appropriate theme for the blogger.
  • The blogger is selling an e-book that helps people live an eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • The website requires an area for daily, weekly, and monthly blog posts, plus space to sell the e-book.
  • The blogger wants the site to have a coastal beach vibe and color scheme.
21 .
Go to the following websites for two different pet-related organizations. Compare and contrast the websites. Which one is more effective? What are the features you notice about each? Do the websites look current and secure?
22 .
Read this article on writing SEO-friendly content and then develop a blog post about the article using SEO strategies.
23 .
Go to the website of your favorite retailer. Looking at the content on the site, what are some categories and key terms that should be used for SEO? Now go to a specific product on the site. Does the URL follow the guidelines covered in the section? What suggestions do you have to improve the URL?
24 .
Develop a one-week content calendar for an upcoming pet adoption event focused on cats available at Happy Tails WC and include various platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and X (Twitter).
25 .

Provided here are some summary reports from a college business program Facebook page that is student-run. What are some insights you can gather from the summary report? How can this information be used to more effectively use the Facebook page?

Overview selected in Insights on Facebook. Content overview page displays with Facebook posts selected. Graphs for Post reach, Median post reach per media type, and Median post reach per content format visible. A Top cities page lists these location with a bar line and a percentage: Wilmington, OH (no percentage listed), Cincinnati, OH (3.2%), Lebanon, OH (2.5%) Xenia, OH (2.1%), and West Chester, OH (1.8%). Facebook Audience page lists 284 Facebook followers. Age & gender displayed in pink/purple bar graph, divided into age groups (18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+) and Women (58.6%) and Men (41.4%).

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