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Written Questions

29 .
What are a few advantages of adding headers to a document?
30 .
Describe the process of adding page numbers to a document. What things should you consider as you are adding page numbers?
31 .
How can you format a table without manually changing the borders and colors?
32 .
How would you insert a special character into a document? Also, if you use this special character frequently, what might make the process faster in the future?
33 .
What is the difference between a table of figures and a table of contents?
34 .
Why would you use a page break or insert a blank page in a business report?
35 .
Explain how the Format Painter can be used in long documents.
36 .
How can you change the position of the page numbers in Docs?
37 .
Why is a checklist useful?
38 .
How does Google’s automatic substitution feature work, and how do you use it?
39 .
How does Docs’s process for inserting an image offer more options for personalization than Word?
40 .
Why would you change the Normal font type in a document? Why would this be helpful when working with a large document?
41 .
What are some of the advantages of using section breaks in a table of contents?

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