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Case Exercises

42 .

Cleveland-Cliffs is the largest steel producer in the United States. Their management team released their brand guidelines manual.

The Cleveland-Cliffs Brand Identity Standards manual includes guidelines for their logo, letterhead, allowed font types, and so on. They also have more guidelines for specific documents like brochures (p. 27), posters (p. 29), flyers (p. 32), print ads (p. 34), and more. We will revisit these Brand Identity Standards throughout the chapter, and use our applied skills and knowledge to create a newsletter. See page 30 of the Brand Identity Standards for Cleveland-Cliffs’s guidelines for creating a newsletter.

Start with a blank document. With what you have learned from Creating and Working in Documents, insert two columns. (We will show you how to insert the sidebar text boxes later in this chapter.)
Insert headers with WorldCorp’s information.
Insert page numbers in the header using a professional style that incorporates some color. WorldCorp uses blue in their logos and marketing materials, so consider a blue color when styling and formatting the page numbers.
43 .

Let’s continue building our newsletter using the Cleveland-Cliffs Brand Identity Standards manual.

Design a SmartArt hierarchy chart. You can assume that the screen panel division is headed by a divisional manager, who supervises the sales, finance, human resources, purchasing, manufacturing, and R&D departments.
Create a table containing information on different TV technologies (use this CNET article on the best TVs as a reference) and explain the differences. Design the complexity and formatting of the table by yourself.
Insert a banded text box to one side. This side text box will take the place of the “Inside This Issue” and “Did you know?” text boxes in the sample in the Brand Identity Guidelines. You can use your new banded text box for adding quotes and highlights to your newsletter. For now, do not include a table of contents (we will add that when we learn more about tables of contents in Managing Long Documents in Microsoft Word).
44 .
Let’s continue building our newsletter using the Cleveland-Cliffs Brand Identity Standards manual. Take the newsletter that you started on in Word and upload it to Drive. Open it in Docs.
Insert headings into the newsletter. You can choose to make different areas of the document H1, H2, or H3. Use the Paint format tool to apply the headings, instead of applying the styles manually.
Insert bookmarks next to important images in the newsletter. Add at least one link to one of these bookmarks somewhere in the newsletter.
Lastly, insert a table of contents at the top of the newsletter.

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