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Key Terms

action bar
toolbar, located beneath the menus, that contains the more frequently used tools in Docs
justification of text on the left, right, or both when formatting a document
digital margin notes that collaborators can create, reply to, resolve, or delete
virtual editing tool that reviews several aspects of your document’s writing, and can be set for different styles
Explore command
unique feature in the Google suite of programs that uses machine learning to offer suggestions and predict what information you might need as you are creating files
key term or phrase that describes the content in a section of the document; can be used to generate the table of contents
horizontal orientation of a page so that it is wider than it is tall
line spacing
spacing between lines of text in a document
edges of the document page that are left blank
Navigation pane
Word feature that lets users view documents as thumbnail pages or outlines, or to search for specific text within a document
vertical orientation of a page so that it is taller than it is wide
process of checking a document for spelling and grammar mistakes
sans serif
type of font that does not have short lines at the end of each part of a letter; considered easier to read in large blocks of text
partition of a document used to apply different formatting to different sections of text
type of font that has short lines or embellishments on the ends of the parts of each letter
tool in Microsoft Office that is used in conjunction with the Themes tool; it lets the user customize a theme’s color, font, and font size
Suggesting mode
Google Docs’s version of the Track Changes tool in Word; it records the changes made by collaborators on a document
text wrapping
feature in Word that allows the user to insert an image or object, and have the text wrap around it in the way that the user decides
tool that lets the user change the color scheme of an entire document
Track Changes
feature in Word that records what changes different users make to a document, allowing a group of people to collaborate in writing and editing the same document
version restore
feature in cloud server services like Google Drive and OneDrive that allows the user to restore previous versions of their document
technology where programs store multiple iterations of files until they are approved and saved
text or image that is placed on the background of pages

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