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Practice Exercises

20 .
Provide an image of a user interface (UI) and label the menu, toolbar, and dialog box.
21 .
Describe an application you use regularly. Have you ever needed to upgrade the program? How did the upgrade change the application?
22 .
Choose a file that you are comfortable deleting that is saved on your computer. Open that file and create a backup of that file by saving it in another location with a different name. Then, delete the original file. Go to the Recycle Bin and choose the file you just deleted and choose Restore. What did you notice about the Restore process and the restored file?
23 .
Using your classes this semester, create a folder organization system for your electronic class files using the best practices covered in this section. Explain how you can use this framework for future semesters.
24 .
Using either Outlook or Gmail, create a business email following up on a recent interview you had for a job opportunity. Apply the best practices discussed in this section.
25 .
Establish a Google account if you do not already have one. Access the Google Calendar function and create a calendar for one of your classes. Enter a few assignments as calendar appointments into the class calendar.
26 .
Go into the Backstage view of Word and customize the Quick Access Toolbar to include cut, paste, and another command of your choice. Remove the Redo command from the Quick Access Toolbar.
27 .
Go to the Backstage view in PowerPoint. Examine the options for additional ribbon tabs you can add. Choose two to add to the ribbon that you think might be helpful when creating a presentation in PowerPoint.
28 .
Go to the appropriate menu in Docs. Find the MathType add-on and install it. Use the add-on to create a couple of mathematical equations in a blank document.
29 .
Create a new Slides file using a template. Go to the appropriate menu in Google, choose a presentation template that appeals to you, and create a new Slides file from that template. Examine the menus that are available in Slides and the tools found in those menus.
30 .
Create a meeting in Meet and invite participants. Create a document that will be shared with the participants for collaboration. Use comments as appropriate in the collaboration document.

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