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Review Questions

1 .
You need to review a database and identify orders placed by a specific customer for more than $50. What type of criteria should you use for this Access query?
  1. wildcards
  2. simple criteria
  3. logical operators
  4. null criteria
2 .
What kind of action query would you use to make global changes to a group of records in a table that needs updating?
  1. Action query
  2. Update query
  3. Crosstab query
  4. Delete query
3 .
________ let you carry out calculations on record groups rather than performing individual operations.
  1. Append queries
  2. Update queries
  3. Aggregate queries
  4. Delete queries
4 .
What can help build and ensure a relationship between two tables?
  1. Dropdown Wizard
  2. Lookup Wizard
  3. Table Wizard
  4. Microsoft Wizard
5 .
What kind of form is inserted into another form (known as the primary form)?
  1. query form
  2. auto-form
  3. subform
  4. drop-down form
6 .
The most visually intuitive view to use for form modification is ________.
  1. Design View
  2. Print View
  3. Layout View
  4. Form View
7 .
Which feature helps the developer control which section of the form the curser moves to next?
  1. Report Wizard
  2. tab order
  3. property sheet
  4. Field list
8 .
Some customers may find that predefined options on a form do not meet their needs. Which control provides customers with the option of entering a new value on a form?
  1. Text Box
  2. Command
  3. Combo Box
  4. Tab order
9 .
Which section of a report do you use for information that might normally appear on a cover page, such as a logo, title, or date?
  1. Report Header
  2. Page Header
  3. Group Header
  4. Page Footer
10 .
What is the primary purpose of grouping and sorting in Access reports?
  1. to display the report title and general information clearly
  2. to organize data into sections such as Report Header and Footer
  3. to help users quickly identify patterns and trends in the data
  4. to format the report with different font styles and colors
11 .
In Access, which view should you use to review a report and see how it will look when you run it?
  1. Design View
  2. Layout View
  3. Form View
  4. Print Preview
12 .
What is a macro in the context of Access?
  1. a type of database table used to store user data
  2. a graphical representation of a database schema
  3. a set of instructions for automating tasks or performing operations
  4. a programming language used for creating web applications
13 .
How does recording a macro in Access help enhance database functions?
  1. It creates queries with multiple criteria.
  2. It enables the building of queries that aggregate.
  3. It optimizes the Form Wizard to allow users to build a custom form.
  4. It creates a system to accomplish similar operations easily and efficiently.
14 .
How can Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) enhance the capabilities of Access for developers?
  1. by providing advanced graphic design tools for creating visually appealing forms
  2. by automatically generating complex SQL queries for data analysis
  3. by offering integration with external databases and servers
  4. by allowing developers to automate tasks, create custom interfaces, analyze data, integrate with other applications, and generate custom reports
15 .
When you import data into Access from an external source, what happens to the source data?
  1. Importing data always alters the source data.
  2. Importing data is not as flexible as copying and pasting.
  3. Importing data allows you to modify the structure of linked tables that contain the source data.
  4. Importing data creates a copy of the data in the destination database without altering the source data.
16 .
When you export data from Access to Excel, what does the Export Wizard do?
  1. Exporting data from Access to Excel is a manual process that requires copying and pasting.
  2. The Export Wizard in Access allows you to import data from Excel to Access databases.
  3. Access creates a link between the data in Access and Excel when exporting data.
  4. The Export Wizard allows you to save the export routine for future use and automate the export operation.
17 .
Which type of dashboard is focused on tracking short-term operational processes and metrics?
  1. strategic dashboard
  2. analytical dashboard
  3. operational dashboard
  4. tactical dashboard

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