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Principles of Marketing

Applied Marketing Knowledge: Discussion Questions

Principles of MarketingApplied Marketing Knowledge: Discussion Questions

1 .
Think of a product that you have used recently. What are the core, actual, and augmented products?
2 .
How would you promote a shopping product differently than a specialty product?
3 .
Look at the Oreo product line. Why are there so many products? What purpose does this variety serve?
4 .
Consider the Sears brand. Which stage of the product life cycle is Sears currently in? What do you recommend it do to change this stage?
5 .
Discuss a brand to which you are loyal. Why are you loyal to the brand? How does the brand contribute to your loyalty?
6 .
Would you consider yourself a switcher, shifting loyal, split loyal, or hard-core loyal for your favorite brand? Why?
7 .
Look at the Apple brand packaging in this chapter. How does this packaging meet the criteria that we discuss in the chapter?
8 .
Review Boxed Water Is Better’s website. How do the website and packaging address environmental concerns?
9 .
Discuss a brand’s packaging. How could the brand reduce its packaging or introduce recyclable packaging?
10 .
Why are safety statements important on packaging? What might you add to product safety statements?
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