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consumer-oriented marketing
marketing strategies focused on customer needs and solving their problems
corporate social responsibility (CSR)
sustainable business strategy where companies use their platform to do good, improve the world, and be socially accountable to their customers and other interested parties
customer-value marketing
marketing strategies in which a company works to provide the customer with maximum value compared to competitors
economic pillar (governance pillar)
the sustainability pillar that concerns profitability and business ethics
environmental pillar
the sustainability pillar that focuses on reducing a company’s impact on the environment
environmental, social, and governance strategy
a strategy that holds companies accountable for a sustainability strategy
ESG pillars
the three pillars of environmental, social, and governance that guide corporate sustainability work
innovative marketing
marketing strategies that use media as the method for capturing prospects’ attention and converting them into customers
mission-driven marketing
marketing strategies that align purpose and brand by using the corporate core mission and purpose as their focus
purpose-driven strategy
strategy in which companies work to make a difference in their communities through their decisions and support of environmental programs
social pillar
the sustainability pillar that focuses on creating an inclusive environment for the community
societal marketing
a marketing strategy focused on fulfilling social responsibility obligations while also satisfying customer needs
sustainable marketing
a marketing strategy that infuses purpose into socially conscious products and services
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