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people or companies that earn a commission for driving traffic to another person’s or company’s website where they make a purchase
an online journal of interests, beliefs, and other topics published by a person, a group of people, or an organization
bounce rate
a metric that online marketers use to measure what percentage of visitors who visit the site, view one page, and then leave
call center
a centralized space where agents or representatives answer inbound calls and place outbound calls
catalog marketing
also known as direct mail order and is one of the oldest forms of promotion, which typically includes a variety of products often vividly displayed in a high-gloss magazine-like format
click-through rate (CTR)
the percentage of people who click on an online ad
client reviews
involve feedback that a customer or client posts directly to a platform that can accessed by consumers during the buying process
content marketing
creating and distributing online content that is valuable and relevant to a company’s target customers
happen when a company turns a visitor into a customer
cost per acquisition (CPA)
also known as cost per action or cost per conversion, relates to the aggregate or cumulative cost of acquiring a customer and can be measured by channel or campaign
cost per click (CPC)
the cost companies pay search engines for each click that a search advertisement receives, which is based on the keywords a company bids on
direct marketing
using communication tools that directly engage with individual consumers for the ultimate purpose of calling them to take some marketing action
direct-mail marketing
a type of direct marketing that involves marketers sending mail directly to people’s homes or places of business; for example, catalogs and postcards
direct-response television marketing
a type of direct marketing that is designed to compel viewers to take some immediate action such, as calling a phone number or visiting a website presented during a television commercial
email marketing
a type of direct marketing that is highly personal and designed to build relationships with consumers
when users see an online ad
integrated social media marketing
involves creating a clear, consistent, and synergistic message across all social media platforms
marketing emails
emails that are promotional in nature and typically involve a marketing offer
mobile marketing
using multiple digital marketing channels that are designed to reach consumers on their smartphones and tablets
mobile-friendly emails
emails whose images, text, and links display in a way that is easy to read when accessed via a mobile device
new visitors
people who are first visiting your website, also known as new users
online direct marketing
uses a rich collection of online tools, such as websites and email, to target individual consumers with an offer designed to compel consumers to take some action, such as visit a website or make an online purchase
online video marketing
involves creating videos that tell a story about a product, company, or brand that is designed to drive consumer engagement through activities such as liking, sharing, and retweeting
organic search
the list of websites on a search engine results page that have not been paid for by marketers
page views
a metric related to how many total pages have been viewed on your website
paid search
a type of digital advertising where marketers pay search engines like Google and Bing to place their ads in sponsored spots at the top or bottom of a search results page
paid social
a type of digital marketing advertising where a company pays a social media company to display a digital advertisement to targeted customers on its platform
often free, on-demand, downloadable audio recordings that cover a variety of topics and are typically made available on a weekly or monthly basis
responsive web design
designing a website that is configured to adapt to any device, making it easy for visitors to read and interact with its features
returning visitors
visitors or users who have been to your website before
sales funnel
a visual representation of the customer journey from product awareness to product purchase
search trends
data points that indicate how frequently a term is searched
a tool that allows companies to share their expertise and knowledge related to a topic, issue, or industry; can be done in person or virtually
SERP (Search Engine Results Page)
the list of search results that displays on a search engine’s page after someone enters key search terms into a search query box
a collection of interactions that occur on a company’s website
social engagement
relates to the number of actions that social media users take in direct relation to your company, brand, or product
social media marketing
using social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to deliver content that drives engagement with your brand
a type of direct marketing that involves a company representative placing or answering customer phone calls with the intention of guiding the consumer toward making a purchase
trade shows
exhibition events that provide companies the opportunity to present themselves and their products and services to industry peers
traffic by source
means paying attention to the site from which the website traffic came
website marketing
The promotion of a website that results in driving traffic or visitors to the site to learn more about the product or company or to make a purchase
website traffic
the total number of visitors to a company’s website
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