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Principles of Marketing

Applied Marketing Knowledge: Discussion Questions

Principles of MarketingApplied Marketing Knowledge: Discussion Questions

1 .
The Association of National Marketers (ANA) acquired the Data & Marketing Association (formerly the Direct Marketing Association (DMA)). This organization has several arms. One of them is the Visit the website, and see what services it has to aid consumers.
2 .
Choose three people that you know, each from a different generation. Explain the concept of online, social media, and mobile marketing. Ask the following questions: “Do you engage with these forms of marketing?” “Have you purchased anything from one of these forms?” “Do you have any concerns about using any of the marketing strategies discussed?” Then, explain whether anyone’s answers surprised you.
3 .
When considering the privacy issue, where does the responsibility fall? Is it with the business, or is it with the consumer? Is it both? How can a consumer guard themselves? What can a company do to make sure it is practicing ethical marketing?
4 .
The main goals of consumer protection laws and regulations are to protect consumers’ privacy and identity and to protect consumers from unfair or deceitful actions. Research the following regulation and law to familiarize yourself with them: the Telemarketing Sales Rule and the CAN-SPAM Act.
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