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Principles of Marketing

Critical Thinking Exercises

Principles of MarketingCritical Thinking Exercises

1 .
Compose a 150–200-word paragraph using all the following terms as they relate to integrated marketing communications. The goal is to prove you understand the meaning of each term.


  • advertising
  • digital marketing
  • frequency
  • reach
  • feedback loop
  • sales promotion
2 .
Several companies come to mind when we think about great integrated marketing communications; Target and Gap are two of those. Consider other companies that have campaigns that you recognize in any form of marketing that truly stand out. What makes them memorable?
3 .
Socially responsible marketing campaigns such as the Subaru one mentioned are becoming more visible over time. Identify two to three other campaigns that you have seen. What do they use as a motivator? Is it to give to a cause, to buy a product or service that they sell based on the fact that they make a donation in your name, or is it simply an informative campaign?
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