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Principles of Marketing

Critical Thinking Exercises

Principles of MarketingCritical Thinking Exercises

1 .
Agree or disagree with the following statement: I tip for service based solely on the amount of the bill, not on things like quality of service, timing, etc. Discuss or make a list of the reasons why you agree or disagree.
2 .
Nordstrom’s reputation was built upon its value proposition of superior service. The company has maintained a high level of service over the years. Research other retailers that have a similar service-oriented value proposition. It could be a car company, restaurant, clothing store, etc. In looking at the changing demographics, do you believe that this level of service will continue to be perceived as value? If not, what will take its place?
3 .
Have you ever experienced service that was so poor that you did not return? Compare your views with someone that you know. Is this a common service issue?
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