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Principles of Marketing

Applied Marketing Knowledge: Discussion Questions

Principles of MarketingApplied Marketing Knowledge: Discussion Questions

1 .
Review this Houston Chronicle article about the eight elements of service marketing. Pick two different service-oriented organizations and describe each of these eight elements as they relate to the service each company offers. Conduct additional research if needed to address these eight elements.
2 .
Take the information that you have learned about internal and external marketing and describe two instances where as a student you have noticed excellent and poor marketing strategies. Are they internal or external, and why did you feel the way you did about them?
3 .
Consider service variability instances where you were a customer and noticed exceptional service and poor service. For each instance, answer the following questions:
  1. Were you surprised?
  2. What specifically made you notice?
  3. Had you had this experience before with this company or another company?
  4. What response did you have? For instance, did you compliment? Tip? Complain? Do nothing? And why?
  5. If you were the company owner, what kind of training program would you develop to address the poor service you experienced? What might you implement as a reward for exceptional service? Why?
4 .
Analyze the differences between internal and external marketing.
  1. Define both terms.
  2. Consider and list the positive impact that both internal and external marketing can have on an organization.
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