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Principles of Marketing

What Do Marketers Do?

Principles of MarketingWhat Do Marketers Do?

The American Marketing Association (AMA) has teamed up with the Digital Marketing Institute to offer specialized training within the marketing discipline. You can set yourself apart from other marketers with additional certifications. Are there other benefits you can take advantage of? Take a look at one of the 65 chapters located across the country. Is there one located in your city? Not only is membership a great way to volunteer, it’s also an effective way to market yourself to potential employers. For instance, the Minnesota Marketing Association welcomes students and professionals who are willing to help plan programs and organize mentorship programs. You can reach out to your state’s AMA executive director and ask to interview them regarding student membership rates or opportunities for college students to interact with professional members. College students are also encouraged to enter an annual competition that demonstrates their marketing and business expertise before a panel of judges by providing innovative solutions to a real-world challenge.

You can also learn a lot by following AMA blogs where insights, ideas, and trends are discussed by knowledgeable professionals.

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