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Principles of Marketing

Marketing Plan Exercise

Principles of MarketingMarketing Plan Exercise


During this course, you will develop a marketing plan as part of a semester-long project. The marketing plan that you develop will build throughout the course over nine chapters of this textbook.

The purpose of Part I of this marketing plan project is twofold:

  • To become familiar with the Marketing Plan Template
  • To select a company or product for which you will be building the marketing plan throughout the semester


  1. Download the Marketing Plan Template and SAVE THIS DOCUMENT where you can easily access it again, because you will be completing additional sections of the plan throughout the course.
  2. Select a company or product which will form the basis of your marketing plan. When selecting a company, please be sure to select a company or product that will (a) be of interest to you throughout the course and (b) have sufficient information available about the company on the internet for you to conduct research and make informed decisions in your marketing plan.
  3. When selecting a company, please be sure NOT to choose a company that is so huge that it serves many diverse markets. For example, General Electric produces electrical and electronic equipment, aircraft engines, medical electronics; it also provides financial services and more. Procter & Gamble also has diverse product lines, including beauty, grooming, health care, fabric and home care, and feminine and family care. In the “real world,” you would not prepare a single marketing plan for the entire company; instead, each division and/or product line would develop its own marketing plan. Therefore, if you want to use a large company, select a brand or product line for the purpose of your marketing plan.
  4. On the Marketing Plan Template, add your name and course number to the header.
  5. Complete the Company Profile Information on the Marketing Plan Template for the company you have selected.
  6. Save the template with a new name using this naming convention: Course_First/LastName/Project Title. Example, MKTG101_JohnSmith_Marketing Plan.
  7. Submit this document to your instructor as directed.
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