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Principles of Management

Managerial Decision Exercises

Principles of ManagementManagerial Decision Exercises

  1. You are the CEO of a company that produces high-end laptops for gaming. You have heard that there is interest in your product from international customers. You need to decide how to enter the international market. What issues do you take into consideration when deciding among the different means of entry? Which approach do you think would work best?
  2. Visit Hofstede’s cultural dimensions website at Pick two countries and compare them with the United States on the cultural dimensions. How would you manage cultural differences in these countries?
  3. Your company is interested in exploring international expansion into Africa. Visit the African Union’s website at What are some of the countries included in the African Union? How easy will it be to approach entering these markets?
  4. Your company is interested in exploring investments in several sectors in Zimbabwe. Because of political instability, you are obviously very reluctant given the risks of doing business in that country. Using data from, discuss the concept of political risk. When can you decide that investing in Zimbabwe is a good idea?
  5. You will be sending one of your employees to several new countries for short-term assignments. You need to decide between low-rigor cross-cultural training and high-rigor cross-cultural training. Which method would work best? How would you decide between the two, and what elements would your training involve?
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