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Principles of Management

Management Skills Application Exercises

Principles of ManagementManagement Skills Application Exercises

  1. Your manager is currently considering negotiations in China, and given your international management knowledge, you are asked for advice. How would you approach preparing to advise her? What type of information will you provide to her?
  2. You have a new product, and you are considering exporting the product. Visit the government’s export website at What are some of the key issues to take into consideration when exporting?
  3. You are in charge of HR in your company, and the company will soon need to send an expatriate to Japan. You will need to design a training program to better prepare your employee. What type of training program will you provide? What essential elements will the program include?
  4. You are considering investing in Saudi Arabia and know that the business culture there is influenced by religion. Using your knowledge of Islam, what should you expect? How can you better prepare for the investment?
  5. You have designed a new surfboard that presents significant advantages over current models. How can you determine whether you are ready to launch your company as a born global?
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