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Principles of Management

Management Skills Application Exercises

Principles of ManagementManagement Skills Application Exercises

  1. You have just been assigned to lead a functionally structured organization. Explain what types of skills you would need to best perform this function.
  2. What types of problems would you expect to have managing a divisionally structured organization? What skills would you need to excel in this undertaking?
  3. If you were assigned to work in a matrix team structure, explain the issues and benefits you might expect to experience and why. What skills would help you in this function?
  4. .You have just been assigned to work with a strategy team in an organization to predict issues and opportunities that might be expected for the next 2 years. Using this chapter, explain what information you would provide to this team?
  5. Use Exhibit 4.21, “The Competing Values Framework,” to identify the type of organizational culture at IKEA, Home Depot, and Best Buy.
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