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Which activity would a nurse mentor recommend to a new nurse to begin to advocate for the profession?
  1. Lobby for health care reform to cover preventive services
  2. Educate families about the scope of nursing practice
  3. Serve as a volunteer for a state legislator’s campaign
  4. Set up a flu shot clinic at a neighborhood church
Which information would the nurse provide to a state legislator about the need for safe staffing ratios in hospitals?
  1. A six-client-to-one nurse ratio on a medical-surgical unit is ideal for positive client outcomes.
  2. Inadequate client-nurse ratios increased mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. Client-to-nurse staffing ratios do not adversely affect client outcomes.
  4. Safe staffing ratios should be set by each hospital.
Which communication skill should the nurse use when preparing to meet with community partners about the need for increased health access for vulnerable populations?
  1. Concisely present key issues within the first minute
  2. Prepare an in-depth, detailed speech
  3. Provide a multipage fact sheet to support the conversation
  4. Present facts and avoid using client stories
Which concept should the nurse consider when providing maternal-child health care to immigrants who have newly arrived in the United States from various countries around the world?
  1. The rate of infant mortality is consistent around the world.
  2. Deaths from eclampsia are lower in Black women than White women.
  3. Black women are more likely to die from pregnancy-related cardiomyopathy.
  4. Global disparities in maternal-child deaths cannot be changed.
The community health nurse has formed a coalition to provide programming and safe meeting spaces for adolescents after school. Which statement best describes the nurse’s purpose for forming a coalition?
  1. The nurse does not have the time to create this program without help.
  2. There will be shared blame if the program fails.
  3. The nurse does not possess the skills to develop such a program without help.
  4. Resources are shared to increase the likelihood of achieving success.
Which goal would a nurse utilize when developing a program to improve care for vulnerable populations based on the Future of Nursing Report 2020–2030?
  1. Provide scholarships for student nurses to improve diversity
  2. Increase the number and quality of shelters for the homeless
  3. Improve quality of life and prevent disease, injury, disability, and premature death
  4. Increase clinical hours for nurses obtaining advanced degrees
A nurse has joined a political action committee (PAC) through the state nursing organization. The nurse explains to community health nursing colleagues that the PAC performs which of the following functions?
  1. Making political contributions
  2. Conducting judicial reviews
  3. Identifying issues of concern
  4. Lobbying government officials
Which of the following is a reason why a nurse might contact the Nurses on Boards Coalition (NOBC)?
  1. To get help in contacting their senator on a health care bill
  2. To develop specialized clinical skills
  3. To gain leadership skills in advocacy
  4. To obtain funds for a new community hiking trail
To meet the health care needs of a community, a public health nurse has been asked to join a coalition. Which characteristic of a coalition should the nurse anticipate?
  1. An informal group that disbands when its goal is met
  2. A social group set up for networking
  3. A group that focuses on a specific nursing specialty
  4. A formal group with clearly defined positions
As a member of the Campaign for Action coalition, in which activity would the public health nurse participate?
  1. Developing community walking trails
  2. Working at the state level to attract diverse students to nursing
  3. Lobbying at the state level for Medicaid expansion
  4. Collaborating with the CDC to promote vaccine education

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