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Which action by the nurse demonstrates the application of community health principles to a program aimed at preventing cardiovascular disease through risk-factor modification?
  1. Providing individual counseling sessions for adults at risk for heart disease
  2. Promoting a weekly farmer’s market for locally grown fruits and vegetables
  3. Assisting an adult with heart disease to develop a medication schedule that fits their lifestyle
  4. Developing a cardiac rehabilitation program for community members with heart failure
Which nursing action following World War II represents an autonomous public-health nursing function?
  1. Providing direct care to wounded soldiers in military hospitals
  2. Conducting vaccination campaigns to promote immunizations
  3. Collaborating with physicians to perform medical procedures
  4. Assisting in surgical operations in field hospitals
Which statement describes the purpose of defining a scope of practice for nurses?
  1. Establishing principles and guidelines for professional behaviors and ethics
  2. Outlining specific clinical skills and procedures nurses may perform
  3. Ensuring nurses work within their level of qualification, expertise, and competence
  4. Promoting collaboration in teamwork within a health care setting
Which of the following accurately describes public health nursing practice?
  1. The scope of practice for public health nurses is broader than that of a registered nurse.
  2. The ANA has identified nine core concepts for public health nursing.
  3. Public health nurses practice using standards developed for medicine.
  4. The ANA has not identified a scope of practice for public health nursing.
Which action by the public health nurse is an example of the “public health sciences” domain of the Quad Council Coalition’s Community/Public Health Nursing Competencies?
  1. Recommending a walking trail to encourage wellness
  2. Providing educational materials that meet the community’s cultural needs
  3. Applying research findings to the development of new community programs
  4. Assisting families in finding affordable health insurance
Which Quad Council Coalition’s Community/Public Health Nursing Competency domain is the nurse engaged in when hiring a workforce representative of the community?
  1. Communication
  2. Cultural competency
  3. Community dimensions of practice
  4. Leadership and systems thinking
Which action by the community health nurse is an example of a downstream intervention?
  1. Focusing on health promotion and disease-prevention activities
  2. Managing the care of clients diagnosed with health conditions
  3. Engaging in advocacy and activism to advance health equity
  4. Addressing the root causes of health problems in a population
Which action will the community health nurse take when engaged in the activity of social prescribing?
  1. Referring a client with heart failure to a cardiac rehabilitation program
  2. Teaching a client with a new diagnosis of diabetes how to inject insulin
  3. Suggesting volunteer work to a client who is feeling depressed after retiring
  4. Assessing the social resources of a community
The community health nurse is interviewed for a podcast to discuss bike safety tips for children. Which level of prevention is the community health nurse providing during the interview?
  1. Primordial
  2. Primary
  3. Secondary
  4. Tertiary
Which activity will the community health nurse perform when engaged in secondary prevention activities at a community senior center?
  1. Educating about signs and symptoms of influenza
  2. Administering pneumococcal pneumonia vaccines
  3. Providing information about supportive care for COVID-19
  4. Teaching how to properly wash hands

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