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What is the most appropriate intervention for the school nurse to implement to promote a healthy school environment?
  1. Advocate for nutritious school lunch programs
  2. Provide care for children with asthma
  3. Develop individualized health plans
  4. Educate students and families about screening for scoliosis
Which action should the school nurse perform to address dental health at the community level?
  1. Educate caregivers of children with dental caries about oral health
  2. Advocate for fluoridation of drinking water
  3. Assist caregivers with finding dental resources for children without dental insurance
  4. Teach children in school how to floss properly
Which function would the public health nurse perform while working at a local health department?
  1. Teaching a client how to self-inject insulin
  2. Implementing Medicaid regulations
  3. Educating a community about influenza vaccinations
  4. Regulating the Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIPs)
What principle of correctional health care did the 1976 ruling in Estelle v. Gamble establish?
  1. Accreditation for correctional health care facilities
  2. Health information privacy for individuals in custody
  3. Autonomy over health care decisions for incarcerated people
  4. The provision of health care for incarcerated people
Which concept should the nurse use when providing care for individuals who are incarcerated?
  1. Education levels of the incarcerated population are the same as the general population.
  2. There is a lack of privacy when caring for incarcerated people.
  3. Therapeutic nurse-client relationships are not utilized in correctional nursing.
  4. Most incarcerated people are middle-age or older adults.
Which intervention can the nurse implement to reduce the spread of infectious disease in a correctional facility?
  1. Encouraging daily handwashing
  2. Asking about HIV status at intake to a correctional setting
  3. Questioning people about sexual practices
  4. Advocating for vaccination for hepatitis A and hepatitis B
A school nurse is preparing a presentation to the school board on the scope of practice of the school nurse. Which information will the nurse present?
  1. The school district’s job description for the school nurse overrides the Nurse Practice Act.
  2. The Nurse Practice Act is a state law that determines the scope of practice for the school nurse.
  3. The scope of nursing practice for the school nurse is the same in every state.
  4. The state medical board decides the scope of practice for the school nurse in each state.
Which action by the occupational health nurse is a secondary prevention activity?
  1. Screening for hearing loss
  2. Conducting safety inspections of work areas and facilities
  3. Educating employees to wear eye protection
  4. Completing a physical assessment after an injury
Which workplace condition will the occupational health nurse include when teaching factory employees about ergonomic hazards?
  1. Repetitive motions
  2. Infectious agents
  3. Noise levels
  4. Cleaning solutions
Which activity would the correctional nurse implement to address tertiary health promotion in individuals with long-term disease who are incarcerated?
  1. Teach rescue inhaler use for people with asthma
  2. Administer medication for the treatment of hepatitis C
  3. Advocate for low-sodium dietary options for people with hypertension
  4. Recommend physical therapy for people with arthritis

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