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cultural awareness
having an understanding of and sensitivity to the values, beliefs, and customs of different cultures
cultural bridging
the act of building connections between individuals or groups from different cultures to promote understanding and collaboration
cultural care accommodation
the process of adjusting nursing care to meet the specific cultural needs and preferences of the client
cultural care negotiation
the process of finding a mutually acceptable way to provide nursing care that is congruent with the client’s cultural beliefs and practices
cultural competemility
the synergistic relationship between cultural competence and cultural humility
cultural desire
a nurse’s motivation to become culturally competent
cultural encounters
a nurse’s direct engagement with clients from different cultures
cultural essentialism
the belief that there are inherent, unchanging qualities that define a particular culture
cultural imposition
the act of imposing one’s own cultural values and beliefs onto others, without regard for their own cultural background
cultural knowledge
an understanding of the beliefs, values, and practices of different cultures
cultural nursing assessment
the process of assessing a client’s cultural background and its potential impact on their health and health care needs
cultural skill
a nurse’s ability to adapt their skills to meet the needs of clients from different cultures
culturally sensitive care
health care that respects and incorporates clients’ cultural beliefs, practices, and values
culturally sensitive environment
a health care environment that is designed to be welcoming and respectful of diverse cultural backgrounds
culture shock
the disorientation and discomfort that can result from being in an unfamiliar cultural environment
the ability to understand and share the feelings, perspectives, and experiences of others
the belief that one’s own cultural group is superior to others
intercultural interactions
interactions between individuals from different cultural backgrounds
transcultural nursing
a framework that seeks to provide culturally sensitive and competent care to individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, recognizing that culture significantly shapes an individual’s health beliefs, behaviors, and practices and emphasizing the importance of understanding and respecting cultural differences in health care delivery
transcultural nursing models
models of nursing care that are designed to be effective across different cultural backgrounds and settings

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