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Which action must the nurse take after a patient has been diagnosed with hepatitis A?
  1. Notify the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  2. Report the case to the local public health department
  3. Inform the National Institutes of Health
  4. Report the case to the primary care provider
Which of the following is an upstream intervention that a nurse may employ to address the high rate of sedentary lifestyles in a community?
  1. Counseling community members on the negative health effects of being sedentary
  2. Conducting body mass index screenings during a community health fair
  3. Obtaining funding for community walking trails
  4. Sending mailings with exercise tips to community residents
Which action describes a role of the nurse in public health?
  1. Improving individual outcomes
  2. Addressing racism in a community
  3. Performing a family assessment
  4. Recommending policies to prevent health problems
A community health nurse is teaching nursing students about the development of the modern public health system. Which reform movement will the nurse note as foundational to the modern public health system?
  1. Smoking tobacco indoors
  2. Child labor and working conditions
  3. Drinking water cleanliness
  4. Opioid prescribing
Which example demonstrates a nurse using public health data collection in support of population health?
  1. Surveying middle school children to identify which fruits and vegetables to include in school lunches
  2. Tracking attendance at a weekly blood pressure clinic at the local senior center to measure utilization
  3. Analyzing data from hospitals to identify the most common illnesses requiring emergency visits
  4. Interviewing a family living in an urban area to describe the emotional impact of gun violence
Which data would the nurse monitor when engaged in the public health core function of assessment?
  1. Blood pressure readings in an individual
  2. Health trends of a community
  3. Social supports of a family
  4. Immunization records of elementary school children
Which activity by the nurse supports the core function of assurance in public health?
  1. Surveying a population to determine health knowledge deficits
  2. Developing policies in collaboration with an interprofessional team
  3. Monitoring health data trends
  4. Ensuring access to health services for all
Which goal by a public health nurse is an example of quaternary prevention?
  1. Reducing the negative impact of a health condition and preventing complications
  2. Focusing on the early detection and treatment of disease to minimize impact
  3. Implementing policies to address the root cause of health issues and reduce disparities
  4. Protecting individuals from unnecessary interventions that may cause more harm than good
Which action by the community health nurse best describes tertiary prevention?
  1. Avoiding the overmedicalization of clients
  2. Reducing risk factors across a population
  3. Lessening the negative impact of health conditions
  4. Preventing an adverse health outcome from occurring
Which action by the nurse is a primary prevention strategy?
  1. Implementing a comprehensive education program for individuals with heart disease
  2. Designing a program to support the transition of young families to parenthood
  3. Recommending exercise programs to clients with degenerative joint disease
  4. Educating adolescents about reducing the risk of sexually transmitted infections

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