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the way a person acts, the mannerisms they display, and the conduct they employ
federally qualified community health center (FQHC)
clinics providing primary care services to all clients regardless of their ability to pay
the study of how genes, traits, and diseases are passed from one generation to the next
health behavior
the actions, habits, activities, policies, and procedures of individual clients, communities, organizations, and governments that can either support or undermine health
a concept that considers how disadvantages interact for clients at both an individual level and systems level to identify and describe the inequities, injustices, oppressions, and privileges perpetuated by structures including racism, classism, colonialism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, and others
medical care
services rendered by a health care clinician during visits to clinics, offices, hospitals, surgical centers, schools, laboratories, and other places
socio-ecological model (SEM)
a model that facilitates the study and organization of how client and community health behaviors and outcomes are affected by personal, situational, community, societal, political, and other contexts
used to explain phenomena in a systematic way and to guide thoughts and decision-making processes

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