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Performance Task

PhysicsPerformance Task

Performance Task

2.4 Velocity vs. Time Graphs


The National Mall in Washington, DC, is a national park containing most of the highly treasured memorials and museums of the United States. However, the National Mall also hosts many events and concerts. The map below shows the area for a benefit concert during which the president will speak. The concert stage is near the Lincoln Memorial. The seats and standing room for the crowd will stretch from the stage east to near the Washington Monument, as shown on the map. You are planning the logistics for the concert. Use the map scale to measure any distances needed to make the calculations below.

A map drawing of the National Mall area of Washington, DC is shown. A red line is drawn on the map to show the presidential motorcade route from the White House at the top right of the map to a concert stage near the Lincoln Memorial at the bottom left of the map.  Three points, one, two, and three, are plotted in the center of the map. Points one and two are directly across from each other. Point three is in between and slightly above points one and two.

The park has three new long-distance speakers. They would like to use these speakers to broadcast the concert audio to other parts of the National Mall. The speakers can project sound up to 0.35 miles away but they must be connected to one of the power supplies within the concert area. What is the minimum amount of wire needed for each speaker, in miles, in order to project the audio to the following areas? Assume that wire cannot be placed over buildings or any memorials.

Part A. The center of the Jefferson Memorial using power supply 1 (This will involve an elevated wire that can travel over water.)

Part B. The center of the Ellipse using power supply 3 (This wire cannot travel over water.)

Part C. The president’s motorcade will be traveling to the concert from the White House. To avoid concert traffic, the motorcade travels from the White House west down E Street and then turns south on 23rd Street to reach the Lincoln memorial. What minimum speed, in miles per hour to the nearest tenth, would the motorcade have to travel to make the trip in 5 minutes?

Part D. The president could also simply fly from the White House to the Lincoln Memorial using the presidential helicopter, Marine 1. How long would it take Marine 1, traveling slowly at 30 mph, to travel from directly above the White House landing zone (LZ) to directly above the Lincoln Memorial LZ? Disregard liftoff and landing times and report the travel time in minutes to the nearest minute.

Teacher Support

Teacher Support

The content in this chapter will help your students master the following NGSS:

HS-PS2-1: Analyze data to support the claim that Newton's second law of motion describes the mathematical relationship among the net force on a macroscopic object, its mass, and its acceleration.

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