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Review Questions

b. The central nervous system (CNS) is composed of the brain and the spinal cord. Therefore, the nurse would recognize that an ischemic stroke involves deficits originating in the CNS.
d. The cerebellum, located below the cerebrum, controls coordination of movement and postural adjustment.
a. The cervical vertebrae are located in the neck region of the body.
d. The autonomic nervous system regulates involuntary responses by regulating cardiac muscle and smooth muscle contraction in addition to gland activity.
c. The parasympathetic nervous system, or “rest and digest” system, is activated when the body is relaxed and not under actual or perceived stress.
b. The sympathetic nervous system, or “fight or flight system,” is activated when the body is under actual or perceived stress to ready the body’s response to a potential threat.
b. Neurotransmission is the nervous system’s communication process by which electrical signals are sent down the axon and transformed into chemical messengers.
a. The most common neurotransmitters of the autonomic nervous system are acetylcholine and norepinephrine.
b. Medications that stimulate the release of acetylcholine are known as parasympathomimetic due to their mimicking of the parasympathetic nervous system.
d. The beta1 adrenergic receptor would be indicated in this instance. Specifically, this medication would be a beta1 blocker.

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