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Case Study

b. This client with hyperthyroidism is showing evidence of toxicity to methimazole. Manifestations of methimazole toxicity are similar to those of hypothyroidism and include cold intolerance, weight gain, fatigue, lack of energy, bradycardia, and depression.
d. TSH, T3, and T4 laboratory tests are used to determine hypothyroidism.

Review Questions

c. Symptoms of hyperthyroidism include weight loss, heat intolerance, diarrhea, fine tremor, tachycardia, frequent mood changes, and muscle weakness.
d. Clients with hypothyroidism will have an elevated TSH level.
d. Methimazole is an antithyroid drug used to treat hyperthyroidism.
c. Soy has a food interaction with levothyroxine and can decrease its effectiveness.
c. An increase in energy is a therapeutic effect of levothyroxine.
c. The phosphate level is above the expected reference range. Phosphate levels are increased in clients with hypoparathyroidism.
a. Bone pain, along with muscle weakness and depression, are signs of hyperparathyroidism.
a. Alendronate may cause esophagitis, which can lead to dyspepsia.
b. First, convert 0.275 mg to mcg, 0.275 m g × 1000 m c g / m g = 275 m c g
275 m c g x t a b l e t s (desired dose) = 137 m c g 1 t a b l e t (supply on hand)
137 x = 275 × 1 x = 275 137 x = 2 t a b l e t s .
b. 15 mg divided by three divided doses equals 5 mg each dose.

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