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Organizational Behavior

Chapter Review Questions

Organizational BehaviorChapter Review Questions

  1. Discuss the five types of problems related to employee work adjustment.
  2. Define stress. How does it differ from strain?
  3. Describe the general adaptation syndrome.
  4. Contrast frustration with anxiety.
  5. Identify the major categories of variables that have been found to influence stress. What role does social support play in the process? What role does hardiness play?
  6. In the chapter, the plight of assembly-line workers was discussed. What realistic suggestions would you make to relieve the tension and stress of this job?
  7. Compare and contrast role conflict and role ambiguity.
  8. How does a manager achieve a useful balance in a person-job fit so neither role overload nor role underutilization occurs?
  9. How should a manager deal with a subordinate who is clearly a Type A personality? How should a manager who is a Type A personality handle her own stress?
  10. Of what utility is the rate-of-life-change concept?
  11. In organizations with which you are familiar, which of the many suggestions for coping with stress would be most applicable? Are the strategies you selected individual or organizational strategies?
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