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Nutrition for Nurses

A | Apps Frequently Used to Support Nutrition Wellness

Nutrition for NursesA | Apps Frequently Used to Support Nutrition Wellness

The apps in Table A1 were identified by various sources, such as, Medical News Today, and This table does not serve as an exhaustive list.

Overall Nutrition Apps
PlateJoy Develops nutritionally sound meal plans with associated shopping lists based on personal data input.
Yummly Offers meal planning, recipes, and easy reads to introduce food exploration.
Lifesum Focuses on healthy weight through self-care and better food selection options; tracks food and exercise and develops health goals. Recipes available.
Ate Food journal that promotes mindful eating, exploring driving forces behind food selection and consumption.
Weight-Loss Programs
NOOM Exploring the psychology behind what, when, and why certain foods are eaten. Provides challenges to promote healthy weight and lifestyle with the goal of integration into consistent healthy decisions.
Nutrisystem Provides meal and snack delivery based on healthy weight goal. Promotes healthy food substitution.
Keto Cycle Focus on weight loss via mindful integration of ketogenic diet. Meal prep included. Keto-nutritional approaches are not appropriate for everyone.
DoFasting Promotes intermittent fasting to lose weight, attain healthy BMI, and improve gut health. Provides recipes, education, and workouts. Fasting nutritional approaches are not appropriate for everyone.
Recipes for Specific Pathologies
Diabetic App Diabetic food recipes that assist with blood glucose stabilization.
Kidney Diet Renal recipes focusing on tracking phosphorus, protein, and potassium.
Anti Inflammatory Diet Recipes Anti-inflammatory recipes designed to maximize gut health as a precursor to holistic health promotion.
Meal Tracking
Weight Watchers Provides personal, flexible, nutritionally sound meal plans while encouraging lifestyle changes to promote health habits.
G-Plans Meal tracking and planning with focus on metabolic body type, exercise tracking, peer support, and artificial intelligence interactions.
MyFitnessPal Food diary that includes the ability to scan barcodes, provides recipes, tracks health habits, and provides peer support.
BMI Calculator Allows for quick BMI calculation.
Water Reminder Promotes mindfulness of hydration.
Quenza Designed for the personal nutrition coach, provides a digital format to share exercises and track client progress; includes video support; and offers peer inspiration. Offers a 30-day free trial.
Nutrition coaching Provides virtual nutritional coaching from a registered dietician using a personalized plan, coaching, and compliance monitoring.
Whisk A free meal planner tool with recipes, meal planning, and grocery list creation tools.
Table A1 Nutritional Wellness Apps and Websites

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