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Nutrition for Nurses

Review Questions

Nutrition for NursesReview Questions

How does protein intake contribute to growth and development during childhood?
  1. Maintains digestive function
  2. Influences nutrient absorption
  3. Plays an anabolic role similar to that of growth hormone
  4. Mediates levels of growth hormone
Which of the following foods supplies micronutrients that decrease inflammation?
  1. Kale
  2. Sourdough bread
  3. Beef
  4. White rice
Medications given to older adults to stimulate appetite target which hormone?
  1. Ghrelin
  2. Thyroid-stimulating hormone
  3. Insulin
  4. Cholecystokinin
Which of the following is a good food choice for a client with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis who needs to consume iodine-rich foods?
  1. Leafy green vegetables
  2. Fish
  3. Citrus fruits
  4. Whole grains
The nurse is providing dietary education for a client with diabetes. The client asks why their sodium intake should be limited. What is the best response from the nurse?
  1. “Lowering your sodium intake can decrease your blood glucose level.”
  2. “A low-sodium diet can decrease inflammation in the body.”
  3. “Sodium-controlled diets can lower your elevated risk for developing cardiovascular disease and hypertension.”
  4. “Adding less salt to your food can decrease the food’s glycemic index.”
What is the recommended daily intake of saturated fats for individuals with diabetes?
  1. Less than 5%
  2. Less than 10%
  3. Less than 15%
  4. Less than 20%
What should the nurse include in dietary instructions for a client with diabetes regarding alcohol consumption?
  1. Alcohol consumption can either raise or lower blood glucose levels.
  2. Alcohol consumption does not affect blood glucose levels.
  3. Drinking alcohol is acceptable if low-sugar or sugar-free ingredients are used in mixed drinks.
  4. Drinking alcohol may worsen signs of hypoglycemia when it occurs.
Which of the following practices will help clients with diabetes decrease the risk for hypoglycemia after insulin administration?
  1. Administering less than the prescribed dose of insulin
  2. Coordinating insulin administration with their meal schedule
  3. Eating less than the prescribed amount of carbohydrates
  4. Administering insulin between meals
Which of the following instructions should the nurse include when teaching a client about levothyroxine?
  1. “You can take this medication at any time during the day.”
  2. “You can take this medication at the same time you take vitamins and other supplements.”
  3. “Take this medication at the same time every day with meals.”
  4. “Take this medication on an empty stomach.”
The nurse is documenting a client’s medications during an admission assessment. Which of the following medications can decrease parathyroid levels, thereby increasing the risk for bone fractures?
  1. Levothyroxine
  2. Metformin
  3. Furosemide
  4. Insulin

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