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Nutrition for Nurses

Review Questions

Nutrition for NursesReview Questions

While instructing a client on how to read and interpret a food label, which of the following would suggest the food is not a healthy choice?
  1. 1 gram saturated fat
  2. 10 grams added sugars
  3. 4 grams dietary fiber
  4. 3 grams protein
According to the MyPlate model, which macronutrient comprises the largest part of the plate for an adult?
  1. Protein
  2. Fruits and vegetables
  3. Grains
  4. Dairy
Which of the following clients should be prioritized for referral to a multidisciplinary team to manage an acute nutritional concern?
  1. A new mother who wants guidance on losing weight postpartum
  2. An adult whose blood glucose levels have increased over the past 6 months
  3. A client being discharged from the hospital after a myocardial infarction
  4. A client with a history of colon cancer
A new mother needs financial assistance securing nutritious food options for her infant. Which federal agency is the most appropriate resource for this client?
  1. TEFAP
  2. WIC
  3. HFMI
  4. SNAP
The nurse is analyzing a popular diet plan with a client. Which of the following information would cause the nurse to question the validity of the presented diet?
  1. It specifies a target calorie range the client is expected to follow.
  2. The diet’s supporting evidence comes from a single physician affiliated with the required meal plan.
  3. Following it necessitates keeping a detailed journal describing food intake.
  4. Different nutrients must be consumed in prescribed amounts.
Which of the following client statements should prompt the nurse to screen the client for food insecurity?
  1. “I don’t have a steady income.”
  2. “My oven does not work well.”
  3. “Sometimes my food expires before I can eat it.”
  4. “I don’t know any heart-healthy recipes.”
Which of the following actions by the nurse would occur during the outcome evaluation phase of the NCJMM?
  1. Educating the client who wants to drastically limit caloric intake
  2. Recording the client’s food intake for the past 24 hours
  3. Reviewing the client’s prescribed diet with a dietician
  4. Measuring the client’s WHR at a follow-up visit
Which of the following is a social determinant of health?
  1. Family history of a disease
  2. Age
  3. Employment status
  4. Number of children
The nurse is helping an adult, English-speaking client understand a newly prescribed diet. What is the best approach when selecting appropriate educational materials for the client?
  1. Provide materials designed to accommodate various reading abilities.
  2. Find as many materials as possible related to the diet.
  3. Provide written materials in a variety of languages.
  4. Ask the client whether or not they need supplemental materials.
A client reports feeling overwhelmed by all the nutrition advice showing up on the client’s social media account feed. How should the nurse respond?
  1. “Show me what you are looking at on social media.”
  2. “You cannot believe most of what you see online. You should rely on your health care providers for nutrition information.”
  3. “Try not to spend so much time on social media as it is a sedentary activity.”
  4. “It can be overwhelming. Let’s talk about what you should look for to determine if the information is valid and reliable.”

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