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MicrobiologyShort Answer

Short Answer


Compare commensalism and amensalism.


Give an example of the changes of human microbiota that result from medical intervention.


What is the metabolic difference between coliforms and noncoliforms? Which category contains several species of intestinal pathogens?


Why are Mycoplasma and Chlamydia classified as obligate intracellular pathogens?


Explain the term CFB group and name the genera that this group includes.


Name and briefly describe the bacterium that causes Lyme disease.


Characterize the phylum Cyanobacteria.


Name and describe two types of S. aureus that show multiple antibiotic resistance.


Briefly describe the significance of deeply branching bacteria for basic science and for industry.


What is thought to account for the unique radiation resistance of D. radiodurans?


What accounts for the purple color in salt ponds inhabited by halophilic archaea?


What evidence supports the hypothesis that some archaea live on Mars?

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