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Critical Thinking

MicrobiologyCritical Thinking

Critical Thinking


What important function does the blood-brain barrier serve? How might this barrier be problematic at times?


Explain how tetanospasmin functions to cause disease.


The most common causes of bacterial meningitis can be the result of infection by three very different bacteria. Which bacteria are they and how are these microbes similar to each other?


Explain how infant botulism is different than foodborne botulism.


If the Sabin vaccine is being used to eliminate polio worldwide, explain why a country with a near zero infection rate would opt to use the Salk vaccine but not the Sabin vaccine?


The graph shown tracks the body temperature of a patient infected with Trypanosoma brucei. How would you describe this pattern, and why does it occur?

Graph with Days on the X axis and Temperature on the Y axis. There is a peak to 40 degrees C early on then a drop back to normal temperatures (37 degree C) for 7 days. Then another peak, then another drop to normal for 9 days, then another peak and then another drop to normal for 9 days.
Figure 26.29 (credit: modification of work by Wellcome Images)

Fungal meningoencephalitis is often the ultimate cause of death for AIDS patients. What factors make these infections more problematic than those of bacterial origin?


Compare East African trypanosomiasis with West African trypanosomiasis.

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