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MicrobiologyShort Answer

Short Answer


Explain how a prism separates white light into different colors.


Why is Antonie van Leeuwenhoek’s work much better known than that of Zaccharias Janssen?


Why did the cork cells observed by Robert Hooke appear to be empty, as opposed to being full of other structures?


What is the function of the condenser in a brightfield microscope?


Art Connection: Label each component of the brightfield microscope.

A photo of a microscope is shown. The base contains a light source (#7) and a knob (#10). Attached at one end of the base is an arm with a projection to hold the specimen (#9). The center of #9 has an opening to allow light through. Below this opening are #6 & #8 (6 is above 8). Above this opening are four lenses (#3) attached to #2. Above the objective is #1. Attached to the bottom of the stage are two knobs (#9). On the arm below the stage are two knobs: #4 is larger than #5.

How could you identify whether a particular bacterial sample contained specimens with mycolic acid-rich cell walls?

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