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Critical Thinking

MicrobiologyCritical Thinking

Critical Thinking


In Figure 2.7, which of the following has the lowest energy?

  1. visible light
  2. X-rays
  3. ultraviolet rays
  4. infrared rays

When focusing a light microscope, why is it best to adjust the focus using the coarse focusing knob before using the fine focusing knob?


You need to identify structures within a cell using a microscope. However, the image appears very blurry even though you have a high magnification. What are some things that you could try to improve the resolution of the image? Describe the most basic factors that affect resolution when you first put the slide onto the stage; then consider more specific factors that could affect resolution for 40⨯ and 100⨯ lenses.


You use the Gram staining procedure to stain an L-form bacterium (a bacterium that lacks a cell wall). What color will the bacterium be after the staining procedure is finished?

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