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Fill in the Blank

MicrobiologyFill in the Blank

Fill in the Blank


Antibodies involved in type I hypersensitivities are of the ________ class.


Allergy shots work by shifting antibody responses to produce ________ antibodies.


A person who is blood type A would have IgM hemagglutinin antibodies against type ________ red blood cells in their plasma.


The itchy and blistering rash that develops with contact to poison ivy is caused by a type ________ hypersensitivity reaction.


The thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulin that acts like thyroid-stimulating hormone and causes Graves disease is an antibody to the ________.


For a transplant to have the best chances of avoiding rejection, the genes coding for the ________ molecules should be closely matched between donor and recipient.


Because it is a “transplant” that can include APCs and T cells from the donor, a bone marrow transplant may induce a very specific type of rejection known as ________ disease.


Diseases due to ________ abnormalities are termed primary immunodeficiencies.


A secondary immunodeficiency is ________, rather than genetic.


A ________ cancer vaccine is one that stops the disease from occurring in the first place.


A ________ cancer vaccine is one that will help to treat the disease after it has occurred.

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