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Maternal Newborn Nursing

Check Your Understanding Questions

Maternal Newborn NursingCheck Your Understanding Questions

Check Your Understanding Questions

1 .
When performing a history and physical on a person desiring contraception, what information is important to assess?
2 .
Discuss how helping a patient pick an appropriate method of contraception is an important part of nursing.
3 .
What questions should the nurse ask prior to counseling about contraceptive methods?
4 .
Compare the external condom to the internal condom.
5 .
What population of patients are good candidates for barrier methods of contraception?
6 .
Explain the difference between the NuvaRing and Annovera.
7 .
Explain the acronym ACHES regarding combined hormone contraceptives.
8 .
List the mechanism of action of the copper-containing IUC.
9 .
Explain the mechanism of action for the contraceptive implant.
10 .
What warning signs should the nurse explain to the person choosing an estrogen and progesterone EC, such as Yuzpe?
11 .
What is the mechanism of action of Plan B?

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