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Maternal Newborn Nursing

Check Your Understanding Questions

Maternal Newborn NursingCheck Your Understanding Questions

Check Your Understanding Questions

1 .
Explain the difference between a normal contraction pattern and patterns demonstrating uterine dystocia.
2 .
What causes a pregnant person to be at risk for labor dystocia?
3 .
Explain how fetal dystocia affects the second stage of labor.
4 .
What is the Bishop score of this cervix: 1 cm, anterior position, 50 percent effacement, –2 station, medium consistency?
5 .
Describe the characteristics and risk factors for preterm labor.
6 .
Describe common risk factors and fetal complications related to meconium-stained fluid.
7 .
Name the risk factors for chorioamnionitis.
8 .
Explain how preeclampsia is associated with fetal hypoxia during labor.
9 .
What newborn complications are associated with the laboring person who has an eating disorder?
10 .
Discuss indications for operative delivery.
11 .
Explain the options for subsequent births in a person with a previous cesarean birth.
12 .
How does preeclampsia increase the risk for cesarean birth?
13 .
Describe the complications of fetal distress.
14 .
Describe the risk factors for uterine rupture.
15 .
How can the nurse support the laboring person to decrease the risk of exhaustion?
16 .
Describe complications related to succenturiate lobe of the placenta.
17 .
Explain the 4 T’s related to postpartum hemorrhage.
18 .
What is the difference between normal lochia and bleeding related to an undetected laceration?
19 .
How does uterine atony contribute to alteration in perfusion to the extremities?

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