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practice of stimulating or putting pressure on specific areas of the body
use of essential oils to aid in relaxation
mind-body practice where a sensor monitors different pain reactions in the body while the person uses techniques to control those reactions.
counter pressure
act of giving sustained pressure to the back, hips, sacrum, or other joints
trained support laypersons who provide emotional, physical, and social support during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum
light stroking massage using the tips of the fingers in slow, long strokes
epidural anesthesia
regional anesthesia produced by injection and infusion of a local anesthetic (bupivacaine [Marcaine]) and a narcotic (fentanyl) around the spinal nerves to block pain from T10 to S5 during labor
failed intubation
difficult airway with lack of success on more than two attempts
focal points
used when the laboring person focuses on a picture or an object during the contraction to direct attention away from the contraction
process of the laboring person submerging in water for pain relief
uses the mind-body connection to focus the laboring person’s awareness on a positive image
pelvic tilts
rocking of the pelvis by moving the back up, then sinking the back down
pudendal block
local anesthetizing of the pudendal nerve that provides sensation to the perineum, anus, vulva, and clitoris

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