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A group of expectant parents sit around tables during a childbirth education class. An instructor stands in the front of the room.
Figure 14.1 Childbirth Education Class Childbirth education uses a certified educator to teach birthing people and their support person. (credit: "Bundles for Babies prepare new parents for baby" by Laura Motes/Air Force Test Center, Public Domain)

After choosing a provider and birth setting, birthing persons are encouraged to attend childbirth education. Many times, prenatal care visits are not long enough to delve into the deeper levels of education that are beneficial for birthing people to have prior to the day they give birth. Childbirth education programs can provide that education, and nurses can be a part of the education process by leading classes or giving instruction during patient interactions. Some childbirth education methods require specific training, and nurses can obtain certifications for these methods. Nurses should also become familiar with classes available locally. This chapter will explore several options for childbirth education.


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