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19.1 The Social Construction of Health

Read this article, which discusses the measures nations and people may take to prevent or manage future pandemics. It contains many links to international efforts and studies. What do you think about our commitment to these steps?

19.2 Global Health

Study this map on global life expectancies. What trends do you notice?

19.3 Health in the United States

People with disabilities, disorders, and neurodiversity are often mistreated even by others who do not know the best way to act around them. Children with autism experience this continually. Evaluate this guide from parents of children with autism to learn more about how to treat and think about people with autism.

19.4 Comparative Health and Medicine

Project Mosquito Net says that mosquito nets sprayed with insecticide can reduce childhood malaria deaths by half.

19.5 Theoretical Perspectives on Health and Medicine

A massive surge in substance use disorders and overdoses occurred in the United States based on usage of prescription drugs. The causes were widespread and were rooted in pharmaceutical company approaches, medical policies, and social causes. Read more in article about the causes of the U.S. opioid crisis.

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