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Introduction to Sociology 2e

Short Answer

Introduction to Sociology 2eShort Answer

19.1 The Social Construction of Health


Pick a common illness and describe which parts of it are medically constructed, and which parts are socially constructed.


What diseases are the most stigmatized? Which are the least? Is this different in different cultures or social classes?

19.2 Global Health


If social epidemiologists studied the United States in the colonial period, what differences would they find between now and then?


What do you think are some of the contributing factors to obesity-related diseases in the United States?

19.3 Health in the United States


What factors contribute to the disparities in health among racial, ethnic, and gender groups in the United States?


Do you know anyone with a mental disorder? How does it affect his or her life?

19.4 Comparative Health and Medicine


What do you think are the best and worst parts of the PPACA? Why?


Compare and contrast the healthcare system of the United States with the WHO’s Millennium Development Goals.

19.5 Theoretical Perspectives on Health and Medicine


Which theoretical perspective do you think best explains the sociology of health? Why?


What examples of medicalization and demedicalization can you think of?

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