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Intermediate Algebra


Intermediate AlgebraIntroduction

A photo of a drone
Figure 2.1 This drone is flying high in the sky while its pilot remains safely on the ground. (credit: “Unsplash” / Pixabay)

Imagine being a pilot, but not just any pilot—a drone pilot. Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, are devices that can be flown remotely. They contain sensors that can relay information to a command center where the pilot is located. Larger drones can also carry cargo. In the near future, several companies hope to use drones to deliver materials and piloting a drone will become an important career. Law enforcement and the military are using drones rather than send personnel into dangerous situations. Building and piloting a drone requires the ability to program a set of actions, including taking off, turning, and landing. This, in turn, requires the use of linear equations. In this chapter, you will explore linear equations, develop a strategy for solving them, and relate them to real-world situations.

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