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Case Questions

EntrepreneurshipCase Questions


Claire is a young artist who has decided to sell her paintings to make some money while she finishes college. She doesn’t know much about promoting her work, especially through online channels. Since you are studying business, she has asked you for your advice on promoting her work to a young professional demographic who would be inspired by her message through the arts. Describe two types of promotional tools she can use to connect with her ultimate customer.


You have recently been hired to work as a marketing manager for a boutique hotel in San Diego. This hotel is the only one of its kind and is not part of a chain. It only has 50 rooms that have been carefully designed to fit a younger, eclectic, design oriented, and higher-income demographic. The owner needs help pricing the rooms and other hotel services (see the following). Determine which pricing strategy you would use (customer-led, cost-based, competition-based, premium, etc.) for each of the following items and explain why. If necessary, look at some industry reports on how hotels price their services and decide if you should go the same route or try something else.

  1. Room rate (weekly and weekend)
  2. Restaurant food
  3. Parking
  4. Internet and movie access

One of your classmates would like to open a food delivery service in town. This service would allow people to buy lunch or dinner through an app from a list of restaurants. She’s in the early stages of her analysis and she is asking your advice on possible sources of data that she can use. What kind of resources would you direct her to? Why?


One of your classmates recently opened a new gym in an up and coming professional area. She is an accomplished trainer, but has little experience in business. She asks your help in coming up with a specific target market. You share with her the STP process.


Visit the current Birchbox website, its online promotions, social media, online ads, and anything you can find about its digital marketing strategies. If you were in charge of digital marketing for Birchbox, what would you include or delete from their current activities?


Visit the Method website at and describe all of the branding components they use to position themselves as the best cleaning products in the US market.


You have recently become a supplier of heavy equipment to manufacturing plants that build automotive components. You have acquired one customer and would like to add more within the next three months. How would you go about prospecting?

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