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Discussion Questions

EntrepreneurshipDiscussion Questions


What does it mean to have an entrepreneurial mindset?


Discuss the basis for defining a target market. How does a focus on a target market assist with the development or adjustment of an idea?


Explain the importance of being self-reflective and honest before, during, and after starting an entrepreneurial journey.


Using the information on the steps for an entrepreneurial journey, give your own example with connections to this section’s main concepts.


Consider the potential questions that you might ask yourself before you launch a venture. Discuss two or three questions that resonate with you and your personal experiences. Why or how do these questions influence you more than others?


Think about yourself within the context of the “nature or nurture,” “born or made” argument. How do you feel these perspectives combine in your own potential as an entrepreneur?


What are the similarities and differences between the life cycle stages of a person and a venture? How can these two concepts assist you in creating a successful venture?


Consider the historical information on entrepreneurship and innovation. How does our current economy, which is based on technology and knowledge, support entrepreneurial activity?


Consider the multiple pathways to entrepreneurship. How might your own current situation reflect a potential pathway to entrepreneurship?


Is there a difference between a soft launch and a soft open? Why are two different terms used?


What are the benefits of a soft launch? What are the negatives of a soft launch?


Outline your background and training, and then discuss the importance of connecting your background and training with a potential entrepreneurial pathway.


How does creating an action plan help you become a successful entrepreneur?


What is the connection between an action plan and a framework? How are they different?


Why are more individuals pursuing nontraditional entrepreneurship opportunities?


What is the difference between an immigrant entrepreneur and a minority entrepreneur? What are the similarities?

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