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Discussion Questions

EntrepreneurshipDiscussion Questions


Why is the United States a leader in entrepreneurship?


What commonalities do the top five countries have that put them in the lead for entrepreneurial ventures?


One of Roxanne Quimby’s motivations in starting businesses included helping employ people in her community. How does or doesn’t this motivation fit in the definition of an entrepreneur as someone who identifies a problem and solves that problem?


What are the similarities and differences between the business ventures of Wander Girls and Roxanne Quimby?


Why is knowing your vision for the future important?


Why should we create goals using the SMART method?


What is the value in using divergent thinking when trying to solve a problem?


How would you explain the concept of an entrepreneurial vision to your college roommate who is a history major?


What is the primary difference between divergent thinking and brainstorming?


Identify five disruptive technologies and the industries that these technologies impact.


In thinking about the future, and your own experiences, what opportunities are there for disruptive technologies in one or two familiar industries?


What is the difference between an entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial spirit?


Describe your own level of entrepreneurial spirit.

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