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Case Questions

EntrepreneurshipCase Questions


What suggestions could you make to Angad Daryani on other products that would fit his focus on improving the lives of people?


On Angad Daryani’s website, he says he believes “that the path humanity follows, need to be pivoted for the better.” What other needs or problems do humans have? Create a list of twenty needs that would fit Angad Daryani’s belief statement.


Research Miracle Messages. Identify Miracle Messages vision statement, mission statement, and value statements. Do not copy their statements, but rather create your own statements based on what you would create if you were the lead entrepreneur for this organization.


Identify five other organizations that have services or products that you would want to partner with if you were the lead entrepreneur of Miracle Messages. What value does each of these five organizations provide to Miracle Messages’ vision, mission, and value? What services or products are not supported either through Miracle Messages or the five organizations you addressed? What new for-profit or nonprofit could be created as a spinoff idea from your research on Miracle Messages?


Review the website to learn more of about Coastal Tractor. What spinoff ideas could you identify using this same technology or concept as the bug vacuum?


In reviewing Coastal Tractor’s website, what evidence of an entrepreneurial mindset is present within this company’s website?


Do you think Coastal Tractor is using a disruptive technology? Why or why not?

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