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Key Terms

3.1 Prime and Composite Numbers

  • natural numbers
  • factor of a number
  • multiple of a number
  • prime number
  • composite number
  • prime factorization
  • greatest common divisor (GCD)
  • least common multiple (LCM)

3.2 The Integers

  • integer
  • absolute value
  • average of a set of numbers

3.3 Order of Operations

  • order of operations

3.4 Rational Numbers

  • density property of rational numbers
  • improper fraction
  • lowest terms
  • mixed number
  • rational number
  • repeating decimal
  • terminating decimal

3.5 Irrational Numbers

  • conjugate numbers
  • difference of squares
  • irrational numbers
  • lowest terms
  • rationalize the denominator

3.6 Real Numbers

  • complex number
  • imaginary number
  • real number

3.7 Clock Arithmetic

  • clock arithmetic
  • modulo 7
  • modulo 12

3.8 Exponents

  • base
  • exponent

3.9 Scientific Notation

  • scientific notation
  • standard notation

3.10 Arithmetic Sequences

  • sequence
  • term of a sequence
  • arithmetic sequence
  • first term
  • constant difference

3.11 Geometric Sequences

  • geometric sequence
  • common ratio

3.11 Geometric Sequences

  • common ratio
  • geometric sequence
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